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Setting up a YetiText action in HubSpot Workflows
Setting up a YetiText action in HubSpot Workflows

In this article you'll learn how to setup the Workflow Extension for YetiText inside of your HubSpot app.

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After successfully connecting your YetiText account to your HubSpot app, you should see a set of workflow action inside of HubSpot Workflows for YetiText:

Select the Send Text Message action which will present you with the following screen and options:

Label: Under the label field, input a value for keeping track of that particular message inside of your YetiText reporting. While the token option is available for this field, we suggest not using any unique contact properties as this would create unique labels for each contact that goes through and make managing your reports very difficult.

From: Select the from number that the text message action will be sent from. With HubSpot we have an additional option which is to send from the contact owner. Within YetiText you can set a default number for each of your team members and the Contact owner option will send using that default field within the YetiText team member profile.

Trackable Link (appended to message): Trackable links that are setup inside of YetiText will populate in this field. Trackable links allow you to know when a specific contact clicks on one of the links in the messages you send. for information on setting up trackable links, click here.

Media: Uploaded media from YetiText will show up in this dropdown. Within this dropdown, the file names for the supported media types - image, vcard, audio - will show up and allow you to select one to be sent with your message. 

Message: This is the body of your text message and can be personalized using the Token dropdown just above the message text area. Once you have selected all of the desired options and typed out your message your can click Save and the message will be sent when the contact comes to that point in your workflow. 

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