Mobile verification allows you to check to see if a contact's phone number is a valid mobile number that can receive texts or not. The setup process for this verification action is fairly quick within YetiText. Begin by navigating to your main menu and clicking Settings.

On the bottom left section of the settings page you will see the Mobile Phone Verification area. Here we present you with two dropdowns for you to select which workflows the contact is added to based on the result of the verification check done on their number. With these workflows, you have full control over how you reflect the result within HubSpot. If their number comes back as a Landline, for example, you can update a property in their contact record to reflect that and remove them from any workflows that contain text messages. 

Once you have setup your two workflows and selected those within the YetiText Settings page, the only remain step for you to do is to add the verification action within the HubSpot workflow where you desire this action to run within. Once you drag and drop the action onto your workflow canvas you are done within HubSpot and your verification action is ready to be run within your workflow. 

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