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Pricing Changes for 2022
Pricing Changes for 2022

This Article will breakdown the pricing changes and grandfathering plans for existing users going into 2022.

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Since the launch of YetiText in 2017, we have always maintained a single pricing plan option for all accounts. Our goal with YetiText was to keep pricing simple to help the most businesses possible achieve success without complex pricing. We have found, for the most part, this has been a good approach. With the addition of new service options, we feel now is a good time to offer some new plans that better match our current service offering and for the first time adjust the pricing of our services to match the current SMS market and new carrier fees that have been introduced in the last 6 months.

We are going to be introducing a new pricing plan for companies that wish to take advantage of some of our higher-end services that we are rolling out in 2022. The Pro Plan will give all companies access to new features like our High-Speed Phone Numbers. These numbers will allow companies to send messages at a speed of 600 messages per minute and maintain high deliverability as companies using this service will be registered senders with the major carriers in the US. In addition, we will be adding monthly credits to all plans going forward. For our Standard users, we will be providing 1,000 SMS credits per month and for our Pro users, 10,000 SMS credits per month.

For our Existing Account Holders Prior to the new pricing release. We will be grandfathering all existing users signed up prior to our new pricing release in January of 2022. You will keep the same pricing as you currently have for 4 months until April of 2022. At which point all existing users can choose to move to our Standard plan at a discount ($60/mo for existing users) or our Pro plan ($300/mo). If you have questions, please contact support by starting a live chat from within the app or calling us at 858-800-4552 to discuss more options.

Lastly, to summarize our pricing adjustments to better match the current market, we will be slightly adjusting our SMS and MMS rates.

Current Plan (Becoming the Standard Plan):

Monthly fee is $50/mo

1 Local Number Included

no SMS credits

$.02 per SMS

$.03 per MMS

$.04 per Phone Minute

$.10 Per Direct Voicemail

No High Speed Sending

New Pricing Plans:

New Freemium YetiText Starter Plan:


1 Local Number Included

$.06 per SMS

$.08 per MMS

$.05 Per Phone Minute

1 User Seat Included

Updated Standard Plan:

Monthly Fee $100/mo

1 Local Number included

1000 SMS credits per month

$.03 per SMS

$.05 per MMS

5 User Seats included $10/mo per additional user

Brand New Pro Plan:

Monthly Fee $300/mo

2 Local Numbers Included

1 High-Speed Number included

10,000 SMS credits per month

$.03 per SMS

$.04 per MMS

High-Speed Sending Rate (600 messages per minute)

Unlimited Team Members

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