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HubSpot: Trigger Workflows Using YetiText Custom Timeline Events
HubSpot: Trigger Workflows Using YetiText Custom Timeline Events

YetiText will update your HubSpot contact's timeline when certain events occur. You can use this to enroll your contact in a workflow.

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In order to use YetiText events to trigger workflows, first, go to the enrolment trigger area of the workflow that is being created. From here, scroll to the bottom to see all available YetiText events that can be used as a trigger for a workflow.

From here, select the trigger and that will pull up additional details on when this will trigger the workflow to begin.

What you will typically select is the YetiText Phone Number, as this will make sure the trigger catches this action anytime the event takes place for your number(s). All you need to do is select YetiText Phone Number and then select Contains any of and type in your YetiText phone number. If you have multiple numbers that you want this trigger, simply repeat this process for each number.

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