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Add Site Chat Widget to Your Website
Add Site Chat Widget to Your Website

The Site Chat Widget provides an easy way to start a texting conversation with your contacts and customers

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YetiText provides an easy to install Site Chat Widget that makes it easy for your website visitors to start a texting conversation with you.

Installing Site Chat Widget On Your Website

  1. Login to YetiText and navigate to the Phone Number Settings page.

  2. Click on the title of the phone number that you want to use for your Site Chat Widget.

  3. Click on the section Site Chat Widget and copy the script.

  4. Install this script into your website in either the header or footer of your website.

How Site Chat Widget Works

Once the script has been installed in your website's header or footer, the Site Chat Widget should appear in the bottom right corner of your website.

When a website visitor clicks on the chat bubble and completes the form, their message will appear just like a normal incoming text message to your YetiText phone number. The YetiText phone number used will be the same number that you selected when obtaining your script code.

If the phone number provided by your website visitor matches an existing contact in your CRM, YetiText will attempt to associate the contact with the new SMS conversation. If no matching contact can be found, YetiText will create a new contact in your CRM.

The Site Chat Widget includes an SMS disclaimer so you are free to send them text messages going forward.

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