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Setting up your Trackable Links domain
Setting up your Trackable Links domain

In this article learn how to setup trackable links for your HubSpot messages.

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Trackable links allow you to send a text message with a unique url to each contact and when a contact clicks on that link, allows you to add them to a HubSpot workflow for tracking their link click. Another advantage of using trackable links is that you can save characters by using a shorter domain/url than the final destination url

in the example above the contact would see the trackable link in the text message, but we sent to the destination url once they click and we save quite a number of characters. 

To setup your Trackable links you will need to register a new domain (the shorter the better like our domain) and configure the domain to be able to manage the trackable link redirect functionality. NOTE: YetiText previously used a global domain setup for trackable links across all YetiText accounts but mobile carrier have started to filter and not deliver messages if they see the same domain being used in a lot of messages on different numbers in a short period of time. This is why we strongly suggest you don't use or other common url shorteners in your message as those rules would affect your deliverability. We have now moved toward the custom domain option as a way to ensure your text messages maintain good deliverability. 

Navigate to the Trackable Links page within YetiText. In the top left of the page you should see a placeholder domain and edit icon. Click the edit icon to bring up the instructions for setting up your trackable links domain. 

  1. Purchase a short domain name (the domain name itself really doesn't matter as it will only be used within the text body). You can also setup a sub-domain on your main domain if you prefer. 

  2. Setup an A record pointing to the IP Address listed in the instructions. 

  3. Copy and paste your domain into the field in the trackable links pop up. make sure to include just the base domain with http:// or https://. 

  4. Hit save and we will run through a test to make sure the setup is working correctly. 

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