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Setting up Trackable Links
Setting up Trackable Links

Setup Trackable links to be sent in texts from Drip.

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Trackable Links in YetiText allow you to send a unique link to each contact that tracks when that contact clicks on their individualized link and applies a tag to their Drip contact record. In order to setup trackable links, we first need to connect your custom domain. 

The main advantage of using a custom domain for tracking is that you can control your delivery reputation with the major carriers. Mobile carriers have built in filters that look for patterns in order to defend their customers from spam. This is the number one reason we suggest not using common url shorteners like links since they can be easily filtered by carriers. 

In order to setup a custom domain we need to follow the following 3 steps.  NOTE: Do not setup an A record on your main domain as this will conflict with our tracking. A sub-domain on your main website domain is acceptable. (example:

Once you have setup your custom domain and have passed our automated check, you can now begin setting up your trackable link. 

Label your trackable link for identifying it within YetiText dropdowns. Enter the final destination url that you want the contact to go to from your text and assign the tag that you want to have applied when they click on the link.  

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