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YetiText Billing Overview: Hubspot
YetiText Billing Overview: Hubspot

This article overviews how billing with YetiText works.

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In order to try and keep billing as simple as possible for you, YetiText bills everything through your YetiText credit balance. 

The billing below is broken down into two sections - Debit Transactions (reductions from your credit balance) and Credit Transactions (purchasing new credits)

Recharge Point and Recharge Amount

Since all billing pull from your credit balance, we use an automatic recharge setting in order to maintain a balance at all times to ensure that your messages can always be sent when they need to. When setting up your Recharge Point, you can choose what your minimum balance will be in order to trigger a recharge of credits and you can choose what the Recharge Amount will be that adds credits back to your account through the default credit card selected on your account. 

When determining what your recharge point and recharge amount should be, consider what your monthly volume of messages will be. For example, if you send on average 5,000+ messages per month, a higher recharge amount of $100+ will make managing invoices much easier instead of using the default $25 recharge amount option. NOTE: In the event that a single charge brings your account balance below your minimum balance point, such as your monthly subscription fee, YetiText will automatically calculate the recharge amount to bring your account back up to where it needs to be.

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