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Adding and Managing Team Members: Drip
Adding and Managing Team Members: Drip

This guide will walkthrough the process for adding team members to your YetiText account.

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With YetiText, you can create logins for each member of your team so they can view and access chats within Live Chat or help with setting up Auto Chat and Drip Messages. 

To create a new Team Member login, go to the Team Members page from the main menu in top right. On the Team Members page, select Add Team Member. 

Softphone is the default assigned phone number that will be used when your team member manually starts a new live chat with a contact. You have the ability to limit  a team member's permission to view Live Chat Only by selecting that from the Can View check box. When that is selected, they will automatically be loaded into the Live Chat page and will only see that page while logged in. 

If you are the owner of multiple YetiText accounts, you can also add team members from your other accounts by selecting Add Existing Team Members.

Search by email for users from other YetiText accounts or select team members connected to other accounts you manage by selecting their user and clicking Add. 

You can also perform a selection from the Accounts dropdown when adding a new team member to quickly add them to any other YetiText accounts you own.

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