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Automated Direct Voicemail: Drip
Automated Direct Voicemail: Drip

This guide will describe how to setup an automated direct voicemail that is sent through an automation within Drip

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To set up a Direct Voicemail first go to the top right corner and click on your company name and go to the Voicemail page. NOTE: Direct Voicemails can only be sent to mobile numbers in the US and Canada. You cannot send direct voicemails to landlines. In order to verify a number on your list is a mobile number or not, see our Mobile Verification guide.

From here, you will find a page with all audio files you have previously uploaded. To create a new voicemail, click the +Add Audio File button. NOTE:  In order to send correctly, we strictly require that the audio file is a properly encoded MP3 file. If you get an error during upload that the file, we suggest using encoding software (Such as to make sure your file is encoded as an MP3. 

On this page, you will be able to see all current audio files, as well as the +New button to add another audio file for the direct voicemail. From this point you will select the audio file that you want to be sent as your direct voicemail. 

After creating your audio file, click the Generate Link button, which will bring up a page to select a number and final Generate Voicemail Link button. This will create a link and from this point just copy and paste the Link into a HTTP Post action inside Drip's Workflow builder.

NOTE: Each successful Direct Voicemail drop is $.10. If the phone number you send to is an invalid number or not a mobile number, you will not be charged for that voicemail.

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