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Sending an Auto Chat from a Workflow: Drip
Sending an Auto Chat from a Workflow: Drip

This guide will describe how to send an Auto Chat from a Drip Workflow and how it differs from a normal Auto Chat.

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There are two ways Auto Chats can be started. 1) a contact texts the keyword to your YetiText number to begin an Auto Chat. 2) You send the first message of an Auto Chat to an existing contact from a Drip Workflow. This article covers the latter. This method can be used to gather specific answers from existing contacts that you want to save into their contact record, such as availability for an appointment or an answer to a question with multiple choices. 

 In order to set this up, first create a keyword conversation (to learn how go here).

Simply copy and paste the Post URL into a send HTTP post action inside Drips Workflow builder. When the Auto Chat is triggered via the HTTP post action, the first message in the Auto Chat will be sent to the contact and when they reply it will continue from there.

Webhook Action in Drip Workflow:

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