The Messenger area is where live incoming and outgoing text messages are handled inside of YetiText. 

Whenever someone first texts your number or responds to one of your automated messages, there will be a notification letting you know the number of new messages. These will all be under the New tab

From here you will either Claim the conversation or Assign it to someone on your team. NOTE: if you are the sole user on your account, you will only see My Chats and Closed. New incoming chats in this case will be automatically assigned to you. 

If you have claimed the conversation, click on the My Chats tab and you will see all conversations you have claimed. From here you will be able to text the lead, as well as see contact information that is pulled from ActiveCampaign. 

Using the settings button to the right of a contact's phone number, you also have the ability to perform four more actions, you can either Assign the conversation to another team member, Close the conversation, mark that the contact should no longer receive text messages, or call the contact. NOTE: The Admin user will see an additional option to Purge Contact, which will allow them to delete the YetiText live chat and ActiveCampaign contact record at the same time. This is the appropriate way to delete contacts during the testing phase of YetiText. 

The Team tab is where all messages claimed by other members of your team, excluding your chats, can be seen, and the Closed tab is where all closed conversations are stored. 

If you have sent a message from ActiveCampaign or have generated a new lead through an Auto Chat, the live chat record in both cases will be placed in the Closed section of the Messenger. The reason we do this is to help you maintain a clean inbox with only the chats that require your participation are immediately visible. Whenever a contact responds to an ActiveCampaign message or at the end of an Auto Chat, their live chat thread will be moved to the New section to be ready to be handled by your team. 

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