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Phone number settings: ActiveCampaign
Phone number settings: ActiveCampaign

This guide covers the call and text settings for your YetiText phone number.

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For each phone number in YetiText, you can customize the Call and Text settings. To edit a phone numbers settings, navigate to the Phone Numbers page from main top right menu in YetiText. To edit your number, click the edit icon next to the number you want to update settings for. 

Internal Number Label:

Update the label on your phone number from the Info tab when editing a number. This label will help you identify it when setting up other actions throughout YetiText

Call Settings:

You can setup how you would like to handle incoming calls to your YetiText number from the Call Settings tab. You have the option to forward an incoming call or send it to a voicemail inbox. In both settings, you have the ability to apply an incoming call tag for identifying that caller within ActiveCampaign. Since there are contact limits on ActiveCampaign accounts, new incoming calls do not automatically create a contact within ActiveCampaign. The tag will only be applied to existing contacts that call your number. Additionally, incoming calls are recorded and saved as a note on the contact. The call recording can be saved to a contact record in a field of your choosing.

Text Settings:

Under the Text Settings tab, you can select which of your team members will be notified on a specific number. This allows you to control browser and mobile notifications on a number by number basis to make sure team members are accurately notified on numbers they are assigned to. You can apply a Live Text Tag to a contact whenever they text into your number which will allow you to control automations with that tag or to extend further notifications to your team via ActiveCampaign. Finally, if you want to automatically assign new incoming messages to a specific user, instead of going to the New section in Live Chat, you can choose that user from the Auto Assign dropdown. 

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