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Purchasing a number in YetiText: ActiveCampaign
Purchasing a number in YetiText: ActiveCampaign

This guide walks you through how to purchase an additional number on your account.

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With each YetiText account, your first phone number is free and comes with the account when your register your account. However, you can purchase additional numbers at any time by navigating to the Phone numbers page from the top right menu. Begin by clicking on Add Number and you will come to the phone number search form. 

Within YetiText, you can search for either Local numbers or Toll Free Numbers. NOTE: with toll free numbers you do lose the ability to send MMS which is not supported on Toll Free numbers. 

Local Number Search:

When searching for a local phone number, select the desired country you wish to search in, either United States or Canada. The search pattern field allows you to look for very specific number patterns for your desired phone number. For example if I wanted to search for a number ending in 00, I would input my area code followed by our wild card indicator - the asterisk (*) - and then 00 ---> 760*****00

The search results for that number combination will show up on the right column of the search page if any of those numbers are available. Simply click Buy and that number will be added to your account. 

Toll Free Number Search:

Similar to the local number search, The toll free number search allows you to select between United States and Canada for the desired Toll Free number. Next, you can select to narrow your search to a specific toll-free prefix. Since 800 and 888 are the most desired prefixes for Toll Free numbers, they are almost always going to yield no results as inventory is low or gone at all times. We suggest that you keep the toll free dropdown set to Any and use the search pattern field to look for your desired prefix (877, 866, 855, 844 or 833). Like the local number search, you can use the asterisk (*) to indicate a wildcard digit and yield results like so ---> 855*******

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